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So I will say only this...

I have a new OT5, thank you [ profile] traitorousrat 


Because he has a thing about blond hair.

Tell me, someone, that you want to write this for me~

Or at least Szayel/Tesla?

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Title: Keep on Spinning
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Pairing: Hichigo/Ishida, Ichigo/Ishida
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~5600
Warnings: Non-con, oral sex, masturbation, spoilers for the Lust arc
Notes: Could be any time after the battle in Hueco Mundo, so assume the boys are over 18. I LOVE YOU! Enjoy this fic! I slaved over it T-T I've missed something out, I think...I'll catch it in a minute. Edit: Oh yeah!

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I don't mean to burst your bubble or anything. I love your bubbles. But the last day of secondary school does not mean freedom. It means LIFE. Life comes after school. It's big, and ugly, and doesn't smell very nice. So these three months that you have off before Uni, or that you have imagininated for yourselves before you start looking for a job? Treasure them.

That is all.

Edit: Fuck, I totally forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK and all that stuff, kay? I'm not bitching on you. When I say treasure it, I mean enjoy it! And if you're still in school, well, enjoy it even harder, damnit.

Lots of love from me, whom life caught at an early age, sank its teeth into and had a good hard shake.

I'll be over here, doing more washing up, cooking dinner for seven people and mopping the kitchen floor x.x When I have time later, there will MOST DEFINITELY be porn. And cakes. Possibly both at the same time. But no jizz tea, because that was revolting.


Jun. 19th, 2009 12:53 am
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I meant to write a Bingo today. But I did none. I fail majorly...and do not know where the time went.

Incidentally, straight after the opening sequence where he says where he is, the Ishida running away from Urahara is ME. Holyshitlumps.

I just made [ profile] sharkykitty so that I can play Viral. And probably will. Gah, I wish I had some practice, but I do not think my flist is up to pimping themselves to be for Simon/Viral right now, are you? I'd offer to pay you in fic, but I'm failtastic.

OMG, I almost forgot!

Ishida fanart!

Under the cut! )

ETA. OMFG FAIL. I was writing about a lovely non-con BJ and reached for my tea, only to discover in quite the wrong way that the milk was off. Suddenly I am having trouble believing that Ishida dislikes it so much. Guh. Damnit, that was horrid.

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OMFGYOUGUYS. If you haven't seen this series, or you've picked up the beginning of it and gone "Oh hell, this is totally not something I can get into" like I did (hahah, but I kept watching because I am bored stiff cool like that), then for heaven's sake go and watch it. And I mean stick out all of the tomfoolery at the beginning, because the set up is half of what makes the rest of the series so poignant and beautiful. Shit. I can't say more without spoilering, and if you have watched it, you'll understand all of my glee much better than I can ever explain it. God.


Spoilers under the cut (for Bleach and for TTGL, and actually, for Weiss Kreuz: Gluhen too.)



Jun. 16th, 2009 01:49 am
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I er...went into the kitchen to wash up at 1am. I knew this was a bad idea.

And then I got peckish.

And baked.

I never bake.

So now there are chocolate cakes (not nearly enough), and the whole damn house smells of chocolate cakey goodness. I kinda forgot how good baking makes me feel. And how delicious hot, freshly made cakes are.

And incidentally, I've got absolutely no washing up done.

*makes you all hungry for cake at 2am, because that's just how she rolls*

And, thank you SeeMe, I have to pimp this, because it is just the sweetest thing ever (and the message is kind of gorgeous, too - you should watch all of them): LINK

I totally just apped for another character on Checkmate.

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I have - this afternoon - finished the two apps I've been working on. I'm pretty sure role playing samples shouldn't be between 1-1.5k, though... But even though I've gone over it several times, I cannot whittle it down. I just don't think that the character is convincingly enough them if I start trimming bits out, especially given the prompt. Does that mean I don't have the characters down well enough, or that I'm trying too hard? I think I really want to play this game, for sure; that might be all there is to it.

Anyway, I will beta them properly before I send them, and catch up on my tags. Hum!

MY INTERNET BROKE FOR LIKE 3 HOURS EARLIER. It destroyed my evening, seriously. I had to go do housework instead. Now I'm sulking.

What else~ Er...the weather is truly horrible, and has been for the last four days. There is wind and rain pounding at my windows again, and you can get tired of the weather being like this. *sigh*

Ooh. Shiny episode of shiny. Maybe I'll watch it now.

That reminds me; I finally watched Diamond Dust Rebellion the other day because I realised when I started rping Toushirou with SeeMe that I didn't understand much about his character at all. Now I have absolutely no idea what is real and what isn't, and it's bothering me. Does DDR count as canon? A lot of the content actually disturbed me, because I remembered some of the terrible things Central 46 has decreed etc. Of that, what happened in the film is probably the worst thing, and that really, really bothers me. That they don't listen. That they judge without evidence, or don't want to see the evidence. Guilty until proven innocent, and nothing but tools to be used. And they picked on Hitsugaya, which is unforgiveable. *sniffle*

So...what? Disregard? Or is it as canon as Isshin's 'Good Morning Ichigo!' pleasedon'tletitbeIwouldcry

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I am officially alive again after sleeping. Although now I have a migraine, and my stomach is rebelling against life all over again for me. But I'll live! Okay! Here is my INTRODUCTION TAG Remember, you can reach me on anything as regasssa -- I like AIM best of all now~

Moving on to the other half of this post.

I am pimping my new, lovely RPG. I'm playing at Checkmate too, but I want to pimp this place because it literally just opened this week, and I've already got five posts with my characters and I am in love with both of them.


Long Live RPG is a Bleach AU set in a semi-steampunk version of turn of the century China. You don't really have to know much about steampunk or china -- there are plenty of people to run ideas past if you're at all worried about them being suitable. I certainly hardly know anything about either; for isntance, but I'm settling in really well, thoroughly enjoying it, and finding that the Bleach characters transform over to the new situation very smartly! I'm also really happy with the other players, who are sweet and fun to play with, and the quality of play is just exceptional so far!

The premise is that the Emperor is about to be overthrown; there are Imperialists loyal to him, Vanguards, Rebels and Neutral players, all of which will inevitably be tousled as the situation changes in game. It's an exciting premise, a tumultuous time, and I'm looking forward, genuinely, to playing out how my characters will handle the stresses of their lives.

I play Byakuya and Grimmjow on Long Live, and like I mentioned I love them both -- Byakuya is the son of the Imperialist Duke Ginrei Kuchiki; a Marquise by title and from a highly respected, ancient family. Though his career in politics currently leaves him as little more than a glorified clerk, when his father passes on, he will take the title of duke. I'm pleased with Byakuya's history too; as a young man he snuck out with his close friends, and fell in love with a blacksmith's daughter in the Second Tier. He proposed to her, secretly, and they had a hidden relationship, but his family had her assassinated, and Byakuya doesn't know that this was anything but an accident, nor who is responsible. I gave him an older brother who died when he was very young in a steam accident, and now steam is banned in the Kuchiki household. Haunted by the death of Hisana, Byakuya is still unmarried, and has been forced to keep his mourning secret, especially from his father, who seems desperate that he should marry and carry on the family name. God -- I cannot tell you how much I want a Rukia~ (Also, ignore the fact that I can't spell Senbonzakura. *dead*) Being from an Imperialist family, things are going to end up getitng more difficult for Byakuya. I have the most horrible wonderful plans for him already...

I also play Grimmjow, who is...well, very different to Byakuya. He's a horse broker -- he buys horses, trains them and sells them on for bigger prices -- and he's worked his way from the Third Tier to a dubious place on the second. As a child, he grew up on the streets, his mother dying of disease when he was extremely young. He learnt to fight to survive and ended up in a house of street-rats under a man named Fenrir who made money out of staging street-fights and taking bets on them, where he was given the name of Pantera, because of the way he fought. He later joined the army, where he kept brawling for fun, learnt to appreciate a good woman, developed his ruffian charm and discovered a talent for horsemanship -- though he still maintains that people are better than horses. He's a bit of a womaniser, knows he's damned sexy, and uses it to his advantage. He also fights like a wildcat. Grimmjow's neutral, but I suspect he'd probably end up on Aizen's side, trying to overthrow the Emperor. I mean...come on, it's Aizen.

And that is it~ You should really check it out -- at least check out the logs, if nothing else. And how sexy by Byakuya and Grimmjow PBs are, because they are~ And if you want to play I would love you forever! Byakuya is going to have an big party in a couple of weeks, and I would love to have more people around to thread with him!

Now there's a squall coming over, so I'm gonna make my lunch so that maybe I feel better. Grandmother's on TV in a bit, and this morning's show didn't go very well at all. I don't know what to make of it. If our business is collapsing, life could be about to take a turn for the worse. But enough bellyacheing! I will not post TMI, personal blubbering AND a pimp post to other people's LJs all at once! That would be rude~


Jun. 9th, 2009 02:10 am
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I have now been awake 33 hours straight.


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That is all. (*blows kisses to SeeMe*)

My brain is literally going to melt, and I am so sick of working right now. The rest of today is going to be horrible, but when it's over, I get TIME OFF. Kinda. Hopefully. We'll see. I'll be able to start doing fandomy things tomorrow.

Oh! Long Live has started! I have my Byakuya and my Grimmjow, and they are both talking to me, and I'm still thoroughly enjoying Mayuri at Checkmate. He is such a creep. Finishing off two more apps today. *titters*


Jun. 5th, 2009 01:27 pm
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Tetsuya Kakihara might just be my new favourite VA ever. I have heard him in nothing else, and his voice...guh. I think it's probably at least 70% of why I've fallen in love with Ggio Vega. New episodes are love.

Am I the only one who thinks his voice is incredibly sexy? I went to look for more of his stuff, but he's only three years older than me, and seems to just be getting started. Hopefully that means there will be much more to enjoy =D

*does not sound stalkerish or weird AT ALL*

Might finally get around to my diary entry today, since all our photos are now up.


Jun. 1st, 2009 05:20 pm
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Still working too hard. Still hay making. I made five cards this morning, but I have ten more to do before I'm done, at the very least.


I also have two applications to write up.

And it's going to sodding rain soon. Four trailerfulls of hay is a good start, but if I can make it to eight before it rains, I'll be a much happier bunny. The sunshine waits for nobody, and the wind's picking up. ~.~
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You say you have a lot of work to do outside and you'll chat later -- and when you come back two hours later, dripping in sweat and near fainting in exhaustion, they ask you whether you enjoyed your gardening.


Turning hay by hand is the most brutal manual labour there is. But my farm car is working again! Woot! I love driving, even if it's just back and forth between the hay barn and the field. My friends are teasing me about how I'm going to be buff and tanned like Wonder Woman by the time I'm done, and should therefore cosplay her instead of a pale Shinigami. Oops.


May. 24th, 2009 03:13 pm
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I am so very hot rght now. There is so much sunshine, and you'd think the white would help the light shine right off me, haha. I am having a great time though, kay! My coach leaves at 8.30 tomorrow night, so I will be home some time on Tuesday. I love you all! Hahah. I have such awesome pictures, and I mauled an Ichigo and I'm marrying an Urahara for his biscuit making skills. I have Ken/Ichigo and Momo/Kira and there was this absolutely adorable Yahiru that rode on Kenpachi's back! I need to take some more photos, lmao. If I can run out the card I'll be a happy bunny!

See you soon!
Love you loads!

P.S. Going to be a very drunk Quincy tonight =))))

Hi guys!

May. 22nd, 2009 11:55 pm
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Just a quick note to say that I'm at Expo, and you should come and say hello. I'm Trunks and Ishida, remember?
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This is the sheeet sheeet sheeeeeet part of the cosplay progress. Where I go 'holycrapIhavetomakeawholepairofhakamanowsheeeet'.

There is more picspam under the cut.

Trunks' boots )
Bankai sword )


May. 20th, 2009 12:10 am
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Okay, so I promised earlier, and now my hair is dyed blue black, and I'm happy enough with the fail!pics to put a couple up for you to see. Since it's just been dyed, I've decided not to use fixer in it, so it's only pinned back, and it is FLUFFY from having just been washed and blow dried. Haha. Ishida does not have these problems. If anything, it is still a bit long -- but it is still my hair, and I have to go out wearing it, in a non-cosplaying context.

Oh noes! There is a Mayuri on my ceiling! )

And dis is the back of ma head. )


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