Apr. 2nd, 2009


Apr. 2nd, 2009 11:56 am
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I have been having nights full of dreams recently. Although I usually appreciate them, they are getting out of hand in the general amount of dreaming I seem to be doing. I swear I wake up between dreams and feel like I've done nothing but, then go back to sleep and instantly dream again.

Yesterday, I dreamt that I rescued a white ghost horse from the woods, only it turned out to be real and I walked it back to its farm and eventually ended up shacking up with the heir to this vast stable; that was almost fairytailish.

Last night, however, amongst other things, I also had the same dream five or more times in a row, where I was given a problem to solve - there were missiles (they changed from small missiles to nuclear missiles) aimed at our town and I had to diffuse them. Needless to say I died every time until I decided to run away with my little brother and left my mother to diffuse the missile, and regretted it when I had escaped far enough away.

Now, I realise the content is a psychological minefield in itself, but that's not the problem I'm having. The problem I have is the sheer volume of dreaming. I've never dreamt this much - or percieved myself dreaming this much - and I've never remembered so much of it so clearly before. Does anyone have any tips for getting a better, deeper, less delirious night's sleep?


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