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I have - this afternoon - finished the two apps I've been working on. I'm pretty sure role playing samples shouldn't be between 1-1.5k, though... But even though I've gone over it several times, I cannot whittle it down. I just don't think that the character is convincingly enough them if I start trimming bits out, especially given the prompt. Does that mean I don't have the characters down well enough, or that I'm trying too hard? I think I really want to play this game, for sure; that might be all there is to it.

Anyway, I will beta them properly before I send them, and catch up on my tags. Hum!

MY INTERNET BROKE FOR LIKE 3 HOURS EARLIER. It destroyed my evening, seriously. I had to go do housework instead. Now I'm sulking.

What else~ Er...the weather is truly horrible, and has been for the last four days. There is wind and rain pounding at my windows again, and you can get tired of the weather being like this. *sigh*

Ooh. Shiny episode of shiny. Maybe I'll watch it now.

That reminds me; I finally watched Diamond Dust Rebellion the other day because I realised when I started rping Toushirou with SeeMe that I didn't understand much about his character at all. Now I have absolutely no idea what is real and what isn't, and it's bothering me. Does DDR count as canon? A lot of the content actually disturbed me, because I remembered some of the terrible things Central 46 has decreed etc. Of that, what happened in the film is probably the worst thing, and that really, really bothers me. That they don't listen. That they judge without evidence, or don't want to see the evidence. Guilty until proven innocent, and nothing but tools to be used. And they picked on Hitsugaya, which is unforgiveable. *sniffle*

So...what? Disregard? Or is it as canon as Isshin's 'Good Morning Ichigo!' pleasedon'tletitbeIwouldcry


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