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Very simple. Make a bus slogan and upload it somewhere. Points for creativity.

Yeah -- because today I am so bored I might actually cry.

Edited because I forgot the link to the generator. I suck.


Apr. 21st, 2009 07:34 pm
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First off, here are my contact details (I meant to post these tonight for my flist, so this is as good a reason as any):

On MSN you can reach me with regasssa [at] hotmail (dot) com
On Yahoo you can reach me with regasssa
Alternatively, you can just add my journal or comment here

I was planning on going to JapanEx anyway - light, pussyfooting plans. (I'm not a very decisive person). Now I'll definitely be going - remember, it's 2-5 of June. Why? Because of this news . Thank you Bleachness.

Always interested in meeting new Bleach fans, and also, my French is pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I figure chances like this do not come around very often. If anyone wants a kind of sort of guide, then I am here for that, and I know Paris pretty well and by the way, did y'all know that I LIVE in France. *whistles*

If you cosplay, then that's even a bonus (I really have to order those ears for my sister's Pantera cosplay now, eh?) And I might take you home with me for cosplay camp *hahah* Okay. I am so amazingly hyper right now.

Why do I have no squee!icons?!


Apr. 19th, 2009 10:12 pm
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Hello all the new people who have added me. I would pimp the Bleach meme, but actually, you're mostly from there anyhow. You're thinking - I kind of get who this person is, but I might hate them after I start reading your journal. Be not afraid -- I'll try not to frighten you away just yet.

Cut for length. Follow the cut for a proper introduction! )

Here's the news bit, so I don't post twice.

I took Soraya out today on a longer ride than I really intended when I left. Mother and sister drove out looking for me because they were worried, but on the other hand, I got her across the motorway, and I was so pleased with her when we got to the other side that I really didn't mind when she acted flirty with the horses further along the path. She definitely needs to be shod this year, because the ginger-stepping on the stones isn't doing her much good, and it isn't doing my bones much good, either. It's really hard to ride when you're constantly taking all your weight on one of your own hips so that you don't end up in the ditch. Considering she's not been shod for ten months now, I was rather hoping to keep it that way.

However, that aside, the ride went blissfully well, even when two deer ran out of the wood just ahead of us, and she thought they were going to eat her. Even when the cars went underneath her. Even when we walked past a cow that was actually birthing on the edge of the field. Not even a blink. We even chivalrously fetched a baby-bottle that had been dropped in the grass by a family on a fishing trip. I had a great time, and I'm looking forward to more rides like it.

Oh, and Soraya looks so awesome now. Her fur's almost shed out and she's looking sleek and athletic. With a summer of work under saddle, I think this is going to be a superb year. Not for my hiney, though. My hiney aches. I haven't gone on such a long ride for way too long.

This evening, now it's cool and before the aches set in, I'm working on a mock-copy of Ulquiorra's outfit. Since I'm working on something that is spoilery, I'll cut it short and simply say that I want to get the main copy right. This one, however, I'll be able to test and play with it and still have something I can actually wear when I'm done. That rarely happens in cosplay. How do you wear Vincent's cape out, anyhow? I have this lovely blue diagonal stripe fabric, and we'll see how it turns out.

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Oh, speaking of dying. Today's migraine brought to you by the letters O and W. My head has only hurt this much once before, and that was Boxing Day, when I stayed up stupidly late to watch Heath Ledger in Casanova and thought my brain was actually going to melt out my ear. The only reason I got through Robin Hood was because I had a huge cold cloth on my head and water dripping down my back. Ow.


Mar. 25th, 2009 01:54 pm
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I always reckon that I'm really into something by the time I start to develop the love for a certain pairing. With some it's obvious, for instance Nottingham/Robin in Robin Hood fandom, or perhaps Lecter/Graham in the Hannibal Lecter series.

But sometimes a fandom comes along that assails me with hundreds of ideas and pairings, great characterisation doled out lavishly but with plenty of holes to fill in with my own mind, just like Harry Potter.

Over the years I've role played more of these pairings than I've written, but even if I just list the stories I've written they include Snape/Harry, Harry/Draco, Fenrir/Draco, Fenrir/Harry, Harry/Ron, Hermione/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Voldemort/Harry, Snape/Lily, James/Lily, Ginny/Harry, Sirius/Snape -- the list goes on. In role play I've explored storylines that include Pettigrew/Harry, Flint/Draco and Godric/Salazar, and if I didn't waste so much time staring into space, I might have written a lot more fanfiction in the last few years as I have.

Now a few months ago I discovered Bleach, which most of the people on my Flist won't know about, since our friendship comes from a Harry Potter location. Let me start by saying that I am MOST DEFINITELY NOT going to stop writing Harry Potter. Heavens, I know these characters better than my own relatives, and they still don't stop assailing me with bunnies - I just want you to know that I think I've found the fandom to draw my interest over the next few years (unless Kurosaki suddenly pops it in the next few chapters).

There are so many characters, and so many possible pairings, it's taken me all this time to get my head around which ones really appeal to me. It's growing into its own little world in my head, and just as I have decided which pairings are mine, another one suddenly surprises me. But let's compare it to the list above in what I know I thoroughly enjoy already: Gin/Aizen, Uryuu/Ichigo, Rukia/Renji, Byakuya/Renji, Byakuya/Rukia, Ichigo/Renji, Aizen/Shinji, Szayel/Uryuu, Mayuri/Uryuu, Uryuu/Nemu, Grimmjow/Ichigo, Ulquiorra/Grimmjow...damn, the list goes on, although I suspect you can tell that I quite like creepy pairings even there *coughRyuuken/Uryuucough*

So. So - what am I saying? Um...well I suppose what I'm saying is that you're going to end up seeing some stuff on here that isn't all Harry Potter. If that bothers any of you, and I really hope it doesn't, because I love the lot of you, then I won't hold it against you if you defriend me. People change, after all, and friends lists are hard enough to keep up with; I know that well enough myself, and I don't want to clutter anyone up with something they're not interested in any more.
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Okie...I just got into Bleach, but do people really consider Mayuri/Nemu, Ishida/Nemu, Ishida/Orihime and Renji/Rukia to be crack pairings? People are weird. Now Aizen/Toushiro, that's at least a tiny bit crackier, right? Is my definition out, or something? Renji/Rukia or Ishida/Orihime is practically Ron/Hermione. x.x

I have trouble when breaking into a new fandom. Mostly it has to do with the fact that surface searches for good fanfiction/posting places ends up with me pulling out my hair. I'm a bit too busy, really, so I guess I'll leave it until after the con.

In terms of costume, I just painted Ishida's armour and his bow today. It takes me much further toward completion than I was the other day. I still have loads to do, of course. I can't wait to take photos, because the weather has turned absolutely beautiful here. I know by the time I get it done it'll be pouring with rain and I won't be able to go outside in Ishida's white shoes. And the daffodils will have died, which let's face it, is an oppurtunity wasted.

Death Note

Mar. 12th, 2009 11:08 pm
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The Death Note live action movie is on FilmFour straight after Dexter tonight. If anyone loved me, they would watch it and then write me an L/Light darkfic. The second movie is on FilmFour tomorrow night. I've seen both, but I'm treating myself to watching them on our new 42" TV. *rubs hands together*

I've been watching Bleach while I work. I'm now up to episode 140, which means I have about 70 left to watch to catch up. I'll be cosplaying Ishida Uryuu at May Expo this year, so I'm looking forward to finishing work so I  can get on with some fun stuff. *sigh* We have deadlines out the wazoo at the moment, but it also means that things are going well for us, and I have to be pleased about that. Yay.

I also have new wonderful things to show you, but I don't want to jinx it in case something unexpected happens. All I can say is PONY.

That is all.


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