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Introduction and Pimpage: Long Live RPG


I am officially alive again after sleeping. Although now I have a migraine, and my stomach is rebelling against life all over again for me. But I'll live! Okay! Here is my INTRODUCTION TAG Remember, you can reach me on anything as regasssa -- I like AIM best of all now~

Moving on to the other half of this post.

I am pimping my new, lovely RPG. I'm playing at Checkmate too, but I want to pimp this place because it literally just opened this week, and I've already got five posts with my characters and I am in love with both of them.


Long Live RPG is a Bleach AU set in a semi-steampunk version of turn of the century China. You don't really have to know much about steampunk or china -- there are plenty of people to run ideas past if you're at all worried about them being suitable. I certainly hardly know anything about either; for isntance, but I'm settling in really well, thoroughly enjoying it, and finding that the Bleach characters transform over to the new situation very smartly! I'm also really happy with the other players, who are sweet and fun to play with, and the quality of play is just exceptional so far!

The premise is that the Emperor is about to be overthrown; there are Imperialists loyal to him, Vanguards, Rebels and Neutral players, all of which will inevitably be tousled as the situation changes in game. It's an exciting premise, a tumultuous time, and I'm looking forward, genuinely, to playing out how my characters will handle the stresses of their lives.

I play Byakuya and Grimmjow on Long Live, and like I mentioned I love them both -- Byakuya is the son of the Imperialist Duke Ginrei Kuchiki; a Marquise by title and from a highly respected, ancient family. Though his career in politics currently leaves him as little more than a glorified clerk, when his father passes on, he will take the title of duke. I'm pleased with Byakuya's history too; as a young man he snuck out with his close friends, and fell in love with a blacksmith's daughter in the Second Tier. He proposed to her, secretly, and they had a hidden relationship, but his family had her assassinated, and Byakuya doesn't know that this was anything but an accident, nor who is responsible. I gave him an older brother who died when he was very young in a steam accident, and now steam is banned in the Kuchiki household. Haunted by the death of Hisana, Byakuya is still unmarried, and has been forced to keep his mourning secret, especially from his father, who seems desperate that he should marry and carry on the family name. God -- I cannot tell you how much I want a Rukia~ (Also, ignore the fact that I can't spell Senbonzakura. *dead*) Being from an Imperialist family, things are going to end up getitng more difficult for Byakuya. I have the most horrible wonderful plans for him already...

I also play Grimmjow, who is...well, very different to Byakuya. He's a horse broker -- he buys horses, trains them and sells them on for bigger prices -- and he's worked his way from the Third Tier to a dubious place on the second. As a child, he grew up on the streets, his mother dying of disease when he was extremely young. He learnt to fight to survive and ended up in a house of street-rats under a man named Fenrir who made money out of staging street-fights and taking bets on them, where he was given the name of Pantera, because of the way he fought. He later joined the army, where he kept brawling for fun, learnt to appreciate a good woman, developed his ruffian charm and discovered a talent for horsemanship -- though he still maintains that people are better than horses. He's a bit of a womaniser, knows he's damned sexy, and uses it to his advantage. He also fights like a wildcat. Grimmjow's neutral, but I suspect he'd probably end up on Aizen's side, trying to overthrow the Emperor. I mean...come on, it's Aizen.

And that is it~ You should really check it out -- at least check out the logs, if nothing else. And how sexy by Byakuya and Grimmjow PBs are, because they are~ And if you want to play I would love you forever! Byakuya is going to have an big party in a couple of weeks, and I would love to have more people around to thread with him!

Now there's a squall coming over, so I'm gonna make my lunch so that maybe I feel better. Grandmother's on TV in a bit, and this morning's show didn't go very well at all. I don't know what to make of it. If our business is collapsing, life could be about to take a turn for the worse. But enough bellyacheing! I will not post TMI, personal blubbering AND a pimp post to other people's LJs all at once! That would be rude~

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Hot damn those PBs are sexy :D I also really like Yumichika's, ohoho

I wish I wasn't an utter failure at rp'ing so I could apply for Uryuu a character. semi-steampunk turn of the century China sounds like a pretty awesome setting!

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The PBs make me drool in my cereal, and my cereal isn't sexy at all. =D And Yumichika's...guh. How does that man look so smooth without photoshop?

If you think it sounds like an awful setting that's probably all you need, you know. Giving it a shot wouldn't hurt you, ne? And it would be fun!

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It sounds like an awesome rp, seriously.

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It totally is. I'm having so much fun already~

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I'd probably think about joining if I wasn't so shitty at writing AU histories. D:

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*snuggles on* I thought I was rubbish at it too, but it was actually easy once I realised what I was doing with them. I don't think I'm quite as perturbed about this AU thing any more...

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I'm not really against AU, I just have a REALLY hard time coming up with history ideas without help. :\

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I could help~

I used to have a pretty hard time with it even in fic, because I know my characters and putting them in another situation gave them too much of an excuse to stop being those characters. But all I'd done was denied myself something good out of hand I think. =D

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LOL I never write au!fic. I JUST CAN'T DO IT.

But what the hell.

I may or may not have just reserved Ulquiorra.

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Well if you need some help, then you know where to find me, right?

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I will probably be taking you up on this offer.

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*cough* You can also hit me up at any time, Tim, if you need a mod perspective :)

*tots not stalking your journal, Reg; followed over here from Chibi's*

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OH, hey, I'll keep that in mind, too! I didn't look around for long, so I had no idea you were a mod.

God I have no idea who to use for a PB. D:

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TIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMM *tackles* You have no idea how excited I was when I saw that you reserved Ulqui!!

And s'okay! It took awhile to find a Renji PB
*facepalm* so we'll be able to find you an Ulqui one somewhere!

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LOLOLOLOL, don't get too excited yet. I don't know if I'm going to app for certain or not. I'm also not sure if it will be Ulqui, or someone else? I've been feeling really BLEACH'd out, so I have to find some mad inspiration, haha.

I've done a lot of both Ishida and Ichigo before, and only a little Ulqui, so I figured I'd pick him this time around.

Yeaaaaaah, I'm really lost for ideas on that front. Some emo kid, you know, lol.

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But but but!!! Let's could always app...Syazel? He's a fun one~ Or, hmm...well I guess it depends on if you're tired of Ishida and Ichigo ^^;;


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But I hate Szayel. D:

I don't know that I'm tired of them? I'm just not feeling madly inspired lately, and the other characters I usually write are taken. Which is fine.

For now I'll see how it works out with Ulqui.

I have a specific reason I tend to stay out of Bleach rp these days, but LOLS spamming posts.

I'm on gtalk if you want me, though.

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I don't have your gtalk, though! I'm on AIM?

PS what's your gtalk info?

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No aim b/c I'm at work. :c

I'm usually on for gtalk.

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*kicks work*

INVITED~ Mine is and I'm also...gtalk retarded. I don't think I've ever used it *sweatdrop*

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It's actually really easy. THEN I GOT SLAMMED WITH ACTUAL WORK.

But I'll be on aim tonight at some point under o3robin. ♥

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Day had a pretty awesome guy picked out at HME, so he'd probably be a good place to start.

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Oooo, thanks for the suggestion.

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But why are you not stalking my journal~? Can I stalk yours instead?

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XD yes, of course! *friends* This is my personal journal ^^; [ profile] soleil_de_lune is my writing journal.

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