May Day

May. 1st, 2009 01:54 pm
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The traditions of France on May Day are lovely, you know. It's traditional for a young man to take a lily of a valley to a woman he's courting, and he will recieve a kiss in return. It's developed into presenting lily of the valley or dog roses to your loved ones and family on May Day, and it's all very sweet and well intentioned.

But I can't find anything written anywhere, not even in Pagan tradition, that says that people who've got exceptionally drunk are allowed BY TRADITION to turn up in a peaceful farming village (Note: it doesn't matter WHAT FUCKING DAY it is, you still have to get up and milk the cows at five am, regardless of whether you've been kept up all night), and race up and down the village, scream, play loud music, flash your cars lights at people's windows, walk all over their property, knock on their doors, make all the dogs bark and generally cause a fucking nuisance.

So please, enlighten me. Is there some tradition that I'm missing somewhere, and I should just be grateful *SNORT* that I got to witness it? Or should I report the fuckers to the police and go and cry in a dark room until my headache goes away?

I seriously hate the kind of young person that thinks that disturbing the peace and generally making an arsehole of yourself is the only entertainment available to you. *stab stab stab*
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First of all!

If you would like an XMas card from me, please send an e-mail to regasssa [-at-] hotmail [dotteth] com with your address and a pairing of your choice. You'll all be getting handwritten drabble inserts this year, since I'm starting early, and I'll send them off come December.

Now for an F1 Rant - warning SPOILERS for the Spa race, plus one slightly irate racing fan )
In other news, expect poor availability over the next week. I should be here until Tuesday night, but Wednesday-Sunday I'm going to be at a craft show, and completely knackered by the time I get home. I'll try and get some posting in over the next couple of days though to catch up, and maybe do some more writing. Once this is over, I'm going to be completely free again though, so yay for that, and my next job will be shopping for Christmas pressies before the Ebay rush.


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