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I am officially alive again after sleeping. Although now I have a migraine, and my stomach is rebelling against life all over again for me. But I'll live! Okay! Here is my INTRODUCTION TAG Remember, you can reach me on anything as regasssa -- I like AIM best of all now~

Moving on to the other half of this post.

I am pimping my new, lovely RPG. I'm playing at Checkmate too, but I want to pimp this place because it literally just opened this week, and I've already got five posts with my characters and I am in love with both of them.


Long Live RPG is a Bleach AU set in a semi-steampunk version of turn of the century China. You don't really have to know much about steampunk or china -- there are plenty of people to run ideas past if you're at all worried about them being suitable. I certainly hardly know anything about either; for isntance, but I'm settling in really well, thoroughly enjoying it, and finding that the Bleach characters transform over to the new situation very smartly! I'm also really happy with the other players, who are sweet and fun to play with, and the quality of play is just exceptional so far!

The premise is that the Emperor is about to be overthrown; there are Imperialists loyal to him, Vanguards, Rebels and Neutral players, all of which will inevitably be tousled as the situation changes in game. It's an exciting premise, a tumultuous time, and I'm looking forward, genuinely, to playing out how my characters will handle the stresses of their lives.

I play Byakuya and Grimmjow on Long Live, and like I mentioned I love them both -- Byakuya is the son of the Imperialist Duke Ginrei Kuchiki; a Marquise by title and from a highly respected, ancient family. Though his career in politics currently leaves him as little more than a glorified clerk, when his father passes on, he will take the title of duke. I'm pleased with Byakuya's history too; as a young man he snuck out with his close friends, and fell in love with a blacksmith's daughter in the Second Tier. He proposed to her, secretly, and they had a hidden relationship, but his family had her assassinated, and Byakuya doesn't know that this was anything but an accident, nor who is responsible. I gave him an older brother who died when he was very young in a steam accident, and now steam is banned in the Kuchiki household. Haunted by the death of Hisana, Byakuya is still unmarried, and has been forced to keep his mourning secret, especially from his father, who seems desperate that he should marry and carry on the family name. God -- I cannot tell you how much I want a Rukia~ (Also, ignore the fact that I can't spell Senbonzakura. *dead*) Being from an Imperialist family, things are going to end up getitng more difficult for Byakuya. I have the most horrible wonderful plans for him already...

I also play Grimmjow, who is...well, very different to Byakuya. He's a horse broker -- he buys horses, trains them and sells them on for bigger prices -- and he's worked his way from the Third Tier to a dubious place on the second. As a child, he grew up on the streets, his mother dying of disease when he was extremely young. He learnt to fight to survive and ended up in a house of street-rats under a man named Fenrir who made money out of staging street-fights and taking bets on them, where he was given the name of Pantera, because of the way he fought. He later joined the army, where he kept brawling for fun, learnt to appreciate a good woman, developed his ruffian charm and discovered a talent for horsemanship -- though he still maintains that people are better than horses. He's a bit of a womaniser, knows he's damned sexy, and uses it to his advantage. He also fights like a wildcat. Grimmjow's neutral, but I suspect he'd probably end up on Aizen's side, trying to overthrow the Emperor. I mean...come on, it's Aizen.

And that is it~ You should really check it out -- at least check out the logs, if nothing else. And how sexy by Byakuya and Grimmjow PBs are, because they are~ And if you want to play I would love you forever! Byakuya is going to have an big party in a couple of weeks, and I would love to have more people around to thread with him!

Now there's a squall coming over, so I'm gonna make my lunch so that maybe I feel better. Grandmother's on TV in a bit, and this morning's show didn't go very well at all. I don't know what to make of it. If our business is collapsing, life could be about to take a turn for the worse. But enough bellyacheing! I will not post TMI, personal blubbering AND a pimp post to other people's LJs all at once! That would be rude~

Me again.

May. 18th, 2009 12:55 am
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A few updates to keep you going:

Here are the pictures I was asked for with my new booby-squeezer. You can see my booby-mole! Ooh! So intimate! No, it is. Nobody but me has seen that mole, it is literally 2cm away from my nipple. That's how close it comes. O.O I am wearing my Trunks wig here, because my hair is in a state of near-death. I'll be dying and cutting it probably tomorrow night or the day after! Ishida hair!

I have no idea why it uploaded this one sidewards... )

Also, here is my desktop. I made it yesterday when I was procrastinating, and thought I'd show it off. It's really dull because I just got this computer.

Desktop cut )

Finally, I will share this with you:

"Whatever it was that was there -- he needed to see it; to find out what it was. It was a dominating hunger -- a vociferous, all consuming desire that threatened to overwhelm him if he didn't pursue it. That thing on the edge of his vision pressed against his consciousness eagerly, urging him to try again -- again and again and again. It promised that it would reveal itself when the conditions were right. Ishida longed for it -- like a drug -- desperate to feel the thrill shoot through his veins as his skin burned against Ichigo's and he fell into that topsy turvy reality for just a few stolen moments."

I spoil you.


May. 15th, 2009 02:29 pm
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My boobie squeezer came today! I don't mean that I'm going to pop them like balloons, hahah. Just squish them into submission, and therefore stop my Ishida costume from being 'top heavy'. It's really the most awesome thing. Now you see them, now you don't. I should not be so epically pleased to have purchased something that squishes my assets into non-existence, but really, it is the best thing ever. *pleased as punch*

Okay, I am done fangirling my post now. Where were we? Oh yeah - doing work so that I can write fanfic later. Hah.

Stop looking at me like that, Shirosaki. I know you want him, but if you could just be patient a little longer, I would appreciate it.

Edit: I am listening to extremely old music, due to the historical rut I seem to have sunk myself into. Oh, hallo Mr. Presley - fancy meeting you here. *-*

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I am dead. President Obama's speech officially killed me. I don't know what to do with the rest of my day now. Just...blink blink.

So I will ask, since a lot of you seem to be involved in RPs. Here is what I've established from looking through Bleach RPs and deciding they aren't for me:

RP stuffs:

Explanations of what I am looking for under the cut )

So if you have any ideas, tell me! I'm looking for a community, or several, which fit this kind of specification. Something to fill in the long summer afternoons that have started crawling in on me. Please help me? If there is something you can think of, I need you to enthuse me about it. Tell me how active it is, how nice the other players are, how much fun you're having. Tell me about the current storyline arc and tell me what characters you'd love to see and tell me how much you want me to be there. Because I am seriously clutching at straws now. I didn't know it was so hard to find.

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Merlin are back at May Expo this year!

Click here for a press release that says nothing mostly but does mention season 2.

God, I hope we do end up able to go u.u . Another event that was planned we were meant to attend as a business has been called off due to Swine Flu, which is a little premature, if you ask me.

Edit: So I don't double post, I wanted to add that OMFG I could now quite happily write ANY of the pairings that were given to me on my bleachedblackk request. To start with, only one of them really appealed to me. Thank you One Sentence Porn Meme. However. This leaves me struggling with which one I'm actually going to write because...because I am being literally ASSAILED by bunnies that want to come out and have a proper go at writing something. Ooh, I could write -- but if I write that I can't write -- omg this one's a good idea too! *cries*

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Note to self: When you have finished paying for your new pony, please consider buying LJ time so that you have more room for pretty icons and can remove spelling mistakes from your comments, kthnx. Deleting icons to make room for all the 'pretty' and 'awesome' as well as having room for multiple fandoms is not panning out so well for you right now. Sincerely, self.

Note to everyone else: I have gorgeous new icons and I totally didn't spend all of the last four hours looking through icon communities to find them, nope


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Soraya and I had our first proper -out- ride in a long time. We cantered after some bicycles, were scared of a bunch of cows and got a stone wedged in the left hind until I yanked it back out again. Oh, and talked to some of the neighbours, which I haven't done in six years of being here.

I brought her home and she was wet - considering we only went about 8k, it was a bit much. She is extremely out of shape, but I am a lot more confident about taking her out now - she's been behaving so badly recently that I've been worrying myself about it, which is stupid.

Of course getting her over the motorway? I don't think it's going to happen any time soon, and that's really sad because the best forest-walks for miles are over there. She dealt with all of one lorry while we were out and treated it like a monster that wanted to eat her, and as we walked over the brow of the hill she watched the motorway the whole time and gave me a warning snort.

So of course she had a big roll the moment I let her go, and as I was expecting it, I took a bunch of pictures that are under the cut:

Three tiny pictures )


Apr. 7th, 2009 11:02 am
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I hate getting the cold. I hate it with a venegeance. I sometimes think of it kindly in a backwards glance, but I forget how awful it is to have my nose rubbed raw and my throat torn to shreds and every breath weighing heavily on my chest like a vice. I hate sneezing so much that I make myself cry. I despise breathing through my mouth because my nose is blocked and tickley and having every damn breath grate down the back of my abused and dry throat. I hate having the choice between suffering and taking so much medicine that I can't process normal thought. And I can't stand menthol and eucalyptus.

This is just to remind me, next time I'm thinking 'Oh, colds, they aren't that bad -- I bet I could handle it a lot better than you are' that it is NOT TRUE.

And naturally, getting cramps at the same time does absolutely no good.


In other news, before I take some more cold capsules, I have discovered that I actually have some time to do some writing/cosplaying. Yesterday I made Hitsugaya's 10th squad haori for my brother: , which was great fun and diverting. I can't believe it only took a day - hahah - if I'd told myself I could do it in a day last year, I would have probably laughed and shook my head. A week - that's more like it. I want to finish Ishida's bow today before the sun vanishes forever, but it's going to have to be dismantleable, which makes things a bit more complicated. It will involve a pillar drill, I suspect.

Writing is...going to happen. It's going to rain like hell over the next few days, I think - the temperature's dropping and the sky's filling up with clouds. I hope it hits sooner, to be honest, because it will cause less damage to the plum and magnolia blossom while it's still young and strong. That way they'll last longer, and I'll get to enjoy the way the garden smells fantastic for the Easter holidays.

Um...oh yes - my brother vomitted on my bed. Fun.

I've been long reining Soraya - for those who aren't familiar with it, it looks like this: . She didn't quite get it to start with, but when she worked out that the cues are exactly the same with the reins as the legs, she picked it up pretty quickly. What I did work out is that I need a surcingle to run the reins through, because otherwise she tangles me up every time she stops to eat grass *not amused*


Apr. 2nd, 2009 11:56 am
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I have been having nights full of dreams recently. Although I usually appreciate them, they are getting out of hand in the general amount of dreaming I seem to be doing. I swear I wake up between dreams and feel like I've done nothing but, then go back to sleep and instantly dream again.

Yesterday, I dreamt that I rescued a white ghost horse from the woods, only it turned out to be real and I walked it back to its farm and eventually ended up shacking up with the heir to this vast stable; that was almost fairytailish.

Last night, however, amongst other things, I also had the same dream five or more times in a row, where I was given a problem to solve - there were missiles (they changed from small missiles to nuclear missiles) aimed at our town and I had to diffuse them. Needless to say I died every time until I decided to run away with my little brother and left my mother to diffuse the missile, and regretted it when I had escaped far enough away.

Now, I realise the content is a psychological minefield in itself, but that's not the problem I'm having. The problem I have is the sheer volume of dreaming. I've never dreamt this much - or percieved myself dreaming this much - and I've never remembered so much of it so clearly before. Does anyone have any tips for getting a better, deeper, less delirious night's sleep?
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Well April Fools is officially over in the UK. It was quite uneventful this year -- last year I got woken up at 9am by my mother and sister telling me the horse had escaped, which was horrible, but this year I came off relatively unscathed.

I did, however, get a good trick over on my little brother, who I artfully convinced that the penguins were flying elsewhere for the summer because it was too cold in Antartica, and some of them had landed on our roof. He ran outside to see, but of course, no penguins. I am so terrible.


Mar. 29th, 2009 03:41 am
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I would just like to say OMGROBINHOOD.

Gisbourne was incredibly sexy this week, wasn't he? Rawr. He looks more and more like LotR's Aragorn each season. I forgot how much I loved this programme.

That is all.
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Today I am pretty much exhausted. I got a delivery of beautiful purple hair in the post yesterday for my Mirai Trunks (Dragonball Z) outfit, but it's so lovely I suspect I'll be wearing it just for laughs sometimes. I love wigs - by next October I should have eight, in many rainbow colours. :D The Dragonball Evolution movie looks to be awful, so we're organising a DB/Z/GT group for MCM Expo as a kind of rebellion against wanton destruction of retro favourites. Purple wig is purple.

I am still working hard, which sucks, but I've been drawing and writing in between the work, which doesn't. I'm on a break from costume making, though, in order to divert attention from my doing it all the time, so that I can go out and buy 50 euros worth of black and white fabric soon to make Renji, Hitsugaya, Grimmjow and Ulquiorra for October. As you can probably tell, there's huge amounts of work to do there, so it will all come in time.

Right now my Ishida has progressed. If you absolutely must see it, it's under the cut. I am remaking the hakama (the skirt/trousers underneath) since they came out just horrible.

Read more... )

*reloads the printer*

And I will probably post the first part of my first Bleach fic tonight. I'm going to run a fine toothcomb over it and insinuate a little more, and play with the imagery since I think I've been a little lazy with the prose. Evil scientists ftw.


Mar. 25th, 2009 01:54 pm
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I always reckon that I'm really into something by the time I start to develop the love for a certain pairing. With some it's obvious, for instance Nottingham/Robin in Robin Hood fandom, or perhaps Lecter/Graham in the Hannibal Lecter series.

But sometimes a fandom comes along that assails me with hundreds of ideas and pairings, great characterisation doled out lavishly but with plenty of holes to fill in with my own mind, just like Harry Potter.

Over the years I've role played more of these pairings than I've written, but even if I just list the stories I've written they include Snape/Harry, Harry/Draco, Fenrir/Draco, Fenrir/Harry, Harry/Ron, Hermione/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Voldemort/Harry, Snape/Lily, James/Lily, Ginny/Harry, Sirius/Snape -- the list goes on. In role play I've explored storylines that include Pettigrew/Harry, Flint/Draco and Godric/Salazar, and if I didn't waste so much time staring into space, I might have written a lot more fanfiction in the last few years as I have.

Now a few months ago I discovered Bleach, which most of the people on my Flist won't know about, since our friendship comes from a Harry Potter location. Let me start by saying that I am MOST DEFINITELY NOT going to stop writing Harry Potter. Heavens, I know these characters better than my own relatives, and they still don't stop assailing me with bunnies - I just want you to know that I think I've found the fandom to draw my interest over the next few years (unless Kurosaki suddenly pops it in the next few chapters).

There are so many characters, and so many possible pairings, it's taken me all this time to get my head around which ones really appeal to me. It's growing into its own little world in my head, and just as I have decided which pairings are mine, another one suddenly surprises me. But let's compare it to the list above in what I know I thoroughly enjoy already: Gin/Aizen, Uryuu/Ichigo, Rukia/Renji, Byakuya/Renji, Byakuya/Rukia, Ichigo/Renji, Aizen/Shinji, Szayel/Uryuu, Mayuri/Uryuu, Uryuu/Nemu, Grimmjow/Ichigo, Ulquiorra/Grimmjow...damn, the list goes on, although I suspect you can tell that I quite like creepy pairings even there *coughRyuuken/Uryuucough*

So. So - what am I saying? Um...well I suppose what I'm saying is that you're going to end up seeing some stuff on here that isn't all Harry Potter. If that bothers any of you, and I really hope it doesn't, because I love the lot of you, then I won't hold it against you if you defriend me. People change, after all, and friends lists are hard enough to keep up with; I know that well enough myself, and I don't want to clutter anyone up with something they're not interested in any more.
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Okie...I just got into Bleach, but do people really consider Mayuri/Nemu, Ishida/Nemu, Ishida/Orihime and Renji/Rukia to be crack pairings? People are weird. Now Aizen/Toushiro, that's at least a tiny bit crackier, right? Is my definition out, or something? Renji/Rukia or Ishida/Orihime is practically Ron/Hermione. x.x

I have trouble when breaking into a new fandom. Mostly it has to do with the fact that surface searches for good fanfiction/posting places ends up with me pulling out my hair. I'm a bit too busy, really, so I guess I'll leave it until after the con.

In terms of costume, I just painted Ishida's armour and his bow today. It takes me much further toward completion than I was the other day. I still have loads to do, of course. I can't wait to take photos, because the weather has turned absolutely beautiful here. I know by the time I get it done it'll be pouring with rain and I won't be able to go outside in Ishida's white shoes. And the daffodils will have died, which let's face it, is an oppurtunity wasted.


Mar. 20th, 2009 03:02 am
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Hello everyone.

It's Spring! That means several things - it means that we are in the midst of clearing up in such a way as to make more than three windows in the whole building capable of opening, only it also meant doing it before my Gran gets home, since she's been over in the UK promoting a new product. So...I haven't been here, and I apologise profusely.

It also means fixing my timetable. I know - I'm doing lousy staying up till 3am and saying that... I want to be on daylight hours so that I can spend more time in the daylight doing things that are only possible in daylight or outside, like putting up brand new fences, painting stuff, working with toxic silicon know.

As a result, I'm behind on my tags on Road Ahead and I've been a complete failure fic wise. I've been working way too hard, I say, as well as tidying up.

In other news, though, I have finished watching Bleach and read all the way up to the latest chapter in the manga. Which means I have nothing to do when I go back to working solidly again tomorrow, except type. So I will.

But omfgulquiorraichigo.

Death Note

Mar. 12th, 2009 11:08 pm
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The Death Note live action movie is on FilmFour straight after Dexter tonight. If anyone loved me, they would watch it and then write me an L/Light darkfic. The second movie is on FilmFour tomorrow night. I've seen both, but I'm treating myself to watching them on our new 42" TV. *rubs hands together*

I've been watching Bleach while I work. I'm now up to episode 140, which means I have about 70 left to watch to catch up. I'll be cosplaying Ishida Uryuu at May Expo this year, so I'm looking forward to finishing work so I  can get on with some fun stuff. *sigh* We have deadlines out the wazoo at the moment, but it also means that things are going well for us, and I have to be pleased about that. Yay.

I also have new wonderful things to show you, but I don't want to jinx it in case something unexpected happens. All I can say is PONY.

That is all.
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Boxing Day I come down with a headache. Hello, says I, it's almost my time of the month. Fanbloodytastic. The headache predictably gets worse, I sleep on the sofa in the warmth to try and get rid of my migraine, and wake up feeling slightly better Christmas morning. Slightly better. But by Christmas Dinner, period pain's set in, and by the time Casanova comes on telly, I'm in blinding agony. I decided to risk the bedroom, since the cold might soothe the migraine, but then at around three am, and with my migraine no better, the wind blows the bedroom windows wide open, and I have to crawl out of bed in the freezing gale and close it. Bah!

So, this morning the migraine's finally gone, and I feel almost human again. How can one day cause such a mess in the house, anyway?


Anyway, in the deadspace between the waking up and Christmas dinner, there was present giving. I gave many wonderful presents this year. My dad had The Mighty Book of Boosh, which he hasn't looked at because of the PS3, my mum got the Dexter Omnibus, which I've wanted to buy her since we saw the first series on ITV last year, my sister got The Dark Knight on DVD, which we watched today and it was as awesome as I remember it from the cinema. Guh. It was amusing watching that after Casanova; the transformation in Heath Ledger between the two movies showed just how adaptive and immersive an actor he was. My little brother's the most chuffed. He got Little Big Planet, which he's been begging for since he saw it, and the smile that spread across his face at the sight of the PS3 was wonderful. :D

And I? I got a whole new riding kit, new jods, a shiny red new helmet, a luminescent jacket, a pair of new winter paddock boots and chaps. Then there was a ladies' electric razor, a CD player/stereo, a Death Note watch which needs adjusting for my stick wrists,  a sewing kit, a PS2 game called Dirge of Cerberus, and a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. The last of which...well, it has its goods and bads. The good is that I have inspiration for a Dramione. *bounces*

So there's Christmas.  Hopefully I'll get some stuff done now. Hah. >.<


Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:45 pm
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I am not here at the moment. Tomorrow is Christmas wrapping day, but I think it will be girlie agony day, too, so it's going to be horrendous, and I'll try and vaguely be here and chairbound. Then the day after that is Christmas Eve, which means preparation of food and making sure the last few things are wrapped. x.x I'm already feeling the exhaustion creeping in. I hope I get some Internet time, but if not, you can expect me on Boxing Day, after I've collapsed, washed up, thrown ridiculous piles of paper into the recycling bins and collapsed again.

In other news, it's so cold here, it's like time trials trying to get in and out of bed in the shortest time. I think I'm going to resort to pyjamas and changing in front of the fire downstairs. That way I can just somersault out of bed and run to the warmth. Log fires win.

Cold. Brr.


Oct. 15th, 2008 02:02 am
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I have four days until I have to pack and get some sleep. I also have to work in the same four days, as well as finish a whole pile of personal stuff, and rewrite a good portion and the ending of my Darkfest fic - due 17th. I have not posted on Road Ahead in way too long, and I really apologise for that. I don't want to lose my guys and girls, so they're going to get posts to keep them busy while I'm out of the country, and to proove that I'm still alive!

My to do list is frightening me.

When I get back, I'll have a week to write the second half of my HD Holidays fic, AND get it betaed, and another week on top to finish two other fest fics that I haven't even started thinking about yet.



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