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I'm just full of them at the moment. I'd like to rec two awesome gifts I recently got, which are just so good that I can't help but share. I have so much praise for both stunning authors, who've really made this weekend when I should have been working one of the best ever. Is it almost Christmas? I think it's already here.

It was my brother's birthday today, so I'm a bit late actually making these recs, either way, please enjoy:

Show Me a Garden

Where do you start to praise a story which has leapt into your mind, cherry picked all of the best and smushed it all together into one perfect fic filled with superb writing style, decadent description, characterisation out the nurnur and some of the best dialogue I've read in a long time? This story sets you down in a world, delicately crafts it around you, builds up a relationship from moments and fragrances every room in every scene until you could swear that you were there. You feel Harry's pain with him, you long for what he desires, you walk in his shoes, not just his footsteps.

It's a hurt/comfort, and deliciously dark, so read the warnings first, but please don't let them put you off. Fuck it, if you're reading my journal, you're probably up for a little bit of twisted. Do not let this one pass you by. I seriously can't put into any more eloquent words how perfect this fic is.

Lesser Evils

Lesser Evils is a lovely little snippet set after the Sectumsempra incident in the book. I think it's a concept that was more or less just skimmed over, when it was a very serious matter indeed, and these few scenes explore than in a filthy, depraved way which is quite satisfying. Draco is an arsehole. Harry is the hero. It's well worth the read, and I think, is one of those deleted scenes I'll throughly enjoy imagining into Half Blood Prince on my reread.
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This is...maybe one of my first recs ever. I don't get to read much, but I make certain to read my holiday fics when I get them, because I write so hard to try and make the deadlines, and enjoy the whole process so very much. I screwed up this year because a whole month of writing time was yanked out from underneath me, and I've been playing catch up.

Anyway, I want to rec this simply beautiful fic, because it's just so endearing and perfect. The writing is sumptious, the characters possessing of their own thoughts and emotions in regard to other people, quite focussed on their own lives -- and deaths.

It's also, interestingly, a PG fic, and has absolutely no slash in it whatsoever. Yes, you read that right. I made a lot of requests that didn't include my OTP, including Snape/Bella and Snape/Lily, and this one has both.

All in all it's charming, well characterised, has an optimistic if not happy ending, and takes canon gently by the throat and shakes it.  Every sentence is structured beautifully, neatly avoids the cliches, and the dialogue is completely believable, both in terms of character, and in respect to the storytelling. There's no giving anything away through dialogue, because the storytelling is so intense.

If you want a good read, try this one

Pairings Snape/Lily, Snape/Bellatrix
Rating PG for lots of angst
Warnings none
Summary Snape is dead and tries to find some meaning for what used to be his life.
Disclaimer The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.
Word count ~5,480
Author Notes It's not so much life after death as regret after life.


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