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Title: Keep on Spinning
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Pairing: Hichigo/Ishida, Ichigo/Ishida
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~5600
Warnings: Non-con, oral sex, masturbation, spoilers for the Lust arc
Notes: Could be any time after the battle in Hueco Mundo, so assume the boys are over 18. I LOVE YOU! Enjoy this fic! I slaved over it T-T I've missed something out, I think...I'll catch it in a minute. Edit: Oh yeah!

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Title: Reflections
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Requestee: [ profile] traitorousrat 
Pairing: Szayel/Yylfordt (implied Grimmjow/Szayel)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Tentacles, non/dub-con, bondage, penetration (in more ways than one), misuse of the Lord's Prayer (I am fully accountable for this one), swearing, violence.
Prompt: genes
Summary: Szayel wants to teach Yylfordt a few things, and perhaps punish him for his betrayal

From the same one life; my heart sleeps beside your own, reflecting your glow. )

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Written with the H/C Ishida Challenge in mind, only I didn't take any prompts because fuck, I just needed to write something to clear my head out a bit.

Title: The Soft Centre of Kurosaki Ichigo
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Pairing: Ichigo/Ishida (implied Szayel/Ishida)
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1064
Warnings: Language and implied violence
Summary: Uryuu discovers what's really soft about Kurosaki Ichigo.
A/N: I just started writing words which came into my head last night because I was feeling particularly undone. This isn't really fic, therefore, it's more a train of thought, or words strung together, in a way that resembles fic but was really intended as a way to let off the pressure building in my head. If it's also read and enjoyed by other people then dayum, that just makes me happy. Maybe crossposted, but we'll see.

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Author:[ profile] regasssa 
Title: Dressing Up Games
Pairing: Aizen/Grimmjow, implied Aizen/Ulquiorra
Requestee: [ profile] betnhe 
Rating: PG
Words: <1000
Warnings: None. I cried. Crossdressing, maybe. OH  HEY! Grimmjow and Ulquiorra are both over 18 in this fic, because I say that the students of Aizen's Wizarding School go up to that age, kay? *sigh* Stupid laws, and stupid LJ ruining my fun.
Prompt: Grimmjow is one of the older boys from Durmstrang, visiting Hogwarts for the Triwizard tournament. For some reason he becomes the favorite target of Fred & George's pranks. Why do they target him? And what happens when they go too far?
(of course, you may include Ulquiorra if you want to XD)
Author's Notes: I strayed a bit far away from the original prompt here in that it's not actually got much of the twins in it (I can't help it, the idea of Aizen as the headmaster of Durmstrang opened up all these kinds of posibilities for me...) So I apologise in advance. It's also short.
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo and Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and her sharks - I  mean, publishers. I make no money from the use of them at all. Shame, huh?

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Title: Illusions
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Summary: Written for the Anonymous Hump Day meme
Pairing: RyuukenxUryuu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage, non-con, violence, (Qu)incest
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach, and I think he would cry if he saw this; I do not own these characters and make nothing from the use of them except for securing my own personal ticket on the train to hell.

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I'm a whore for gift-drabbles, and also I forgot to read the small print. Totally serves me right.

Stolen from [personal profile] ravens_rising 

The next five people to comment in this post get to request a drabble (or rambling ficlet) of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

You may also ask for mini-art, if you'd rather. Please specify. Bleach/HP/New Doctor Who/Robin Hood.

I can't do femmeslash to save my life.

Now, go forth and request!

1) George/Hermione art for [personal profile] miss_bowtruckle - kissing
2) Draco/Hermione for [ profile] purelush  - handcuffs and silk
3) Hichigo/Ishida/Ichigo for [ profile] jikeidannin  - non-con
4) IlForte/Szayel for [ profile] traitorousrat  - genes, geneology, jeans Weirdo :P
5) Mayuri/Szayel + Uryuu [profile] k_undertoe - science/medical "equipment"

ALL  FILLED, see? Nevermind. There will be more at some point, lol.
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Title: Masks
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Summary: Written for the Anonymous Hump Day meme
Pairing: ShinjixAizen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage, non-con, penetration, swordplay, violence, slight oocness?
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach, and I think he would cry if he saw this; I do not own these characters and make nothing from the use of them except for securing my own personal ticket on the train to hell u.u.

Masks )
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Title: Electricity (Aren't I so creative?)
Prompt: Electricity
Requestee: [profile] suna_no_naoko 
Words: <1000
Pairing: Szayel/IlForte/Ishida
Warnings: Implied torture, implied non-con, possible OOCness from IlForte (I have no idea how to write him kay?), might cause undue pain in the abruptness of its ending
A/N: Oh hi? Can I have some past tense please? Pass the salt. I don't know why I keep slipping into present tense. I have to sort this out. Also NEWICON
Electricity )
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Two copies of the same meme - one for Harry Potter, one for Bleach. Note to self, this meme is harder than it looks. I will post proper fic when I've finally finished it. (Szayel/Ishi/Forte)

Stolen shamelessly from [ profile] misumaru 

Write a fic for each category in no more than ten words. (Oh hay, I did it wrong. There is no single sentence rule)

1. Angst:
2. AU:
3. Crack!fic:
4. Crossover:
5. First Time:
6. Fluff:
7. Humour:
8. Hurt/Comfort:
9. Smut:
10. UST:


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Title: Mine
Pairing: Grimmjow/Ulquiorra
Requestee: [ profile] jikeidannin 
Prompt: Blood or bleeding
Word count: <1000
Warnings: Mention of rape and torture
Rating: Light R all things considered. Rape is, after all, in the dictionary. The imagery is adult, but intrensically it's all just words.
A/N: Wow, it feels like forever since I wrote something dark (it's only been a few months), and this is quite short, but it was a lovely little exercise none the less.

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Title: Too Many Surprises
Pairing: Grimmjow/Matsumoto
Requestee: [ profile] winterfeelings 
Rating: G (although it has a crack rating of OW, MY JAW)

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Title: Strawberries
Recipient: [profile] blue_eyesgirl 
Pairing: Aizen/Ichigo
Words: -1000
Prompt: Strawberries
Rule: No non-con omfgwhy?!

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Hello! Today, I have been mostly writing --

Porn, porn and more porn

Please. Join us. It's much more fun writing porn with other people around.

Do I show my age by using a Fast Show gag?

In other news...

Oh no, hang on, there is no other news.

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Okay - I don't know how fast these will end up written, but I'm needing some little ficlets to take with me and write in places right now, so I am offering places!

Also, because I 'm a glutton for punishment, and I think writing ficlets will make me more familiar with characters I maybe don't know so well. Yey.

No limit on number of places, but one each, gaiz.

A prompt would be nice, even if you go for something completely random. Challenging is fun. I will write literally anything, het, yaoi, yuri (please don't expect smut from yuri, it's already a challenge in of itself!) If I really can't do it, I will at least try first (and then cry and throw myself at your feet in surrender).

Do not give me choices! Choices destroy me! I can't even decide what to have for lunch most days!

Harry Potter or Bleach is okay - I think my mind is in the right place for either right now.

EDIT: Also, people, seriously. ANONYMOUS LOVE IS STILL LOVE! T_T
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A little gift fic for [ profile] weirdbagel  . I hope you get well soon!

Title: Drifting Sands
Pairing: Grimmjow/Ulquiorra
Rating: G
Words: -1000

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Title: Friendship, Hatred and Science - Part 7 and 8
Word Count: 4523
Rating: PG 13 for now, for language
Pairing: Uryuu/Ichigo
Warnings: AU, violence, dark themes, mild bad language
Summary: The battle with Szayel Aporro Granz ends without interruption; this is what happens to Ishida after that, how his life changes and how his friendships suffer. Does Kurosaki's vow extend to saving even him?
Disclaimer: Bleach and its characters belongs to Kubo Tite, I make nothing out of their use.
A/N : Less than 100 words to make 20k. Argh.
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