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So the reveals on Snarry Holidays have been posted, and I'm bouncy and happy to be able to reveal that Vanquished was my fic. It's the longest fest/exchange fic I've written so far, coming in at 20197 words, and it's really viciously dark in places. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, way before I managed to get myself bogged down with various end of the year troubles.

Important - there is chan in this. Beware.

: Vanquished
Author: Regasssa
Giftee: [personal profile] eriador117
Word Count: 20197
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, (Gilderoy Lockhart/Harry Potter), hints of Ron/Hermione, previous Harry/Ginny and implied Greyback/OCs
Warnings: (CHAN, NON-CON, TORTURE, hand jobs, blow jobs, spanking - see Author's Notes), biting, sensory deprivation, consensual D/s, penetration, rimming, desk!sex, hurt/comfort, first time, abuse of furniture and misuse of ink, slight Ginny bashing (I've been unreasonably honest to the stereotype of British teenaged girls), EWE?!.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: As an Auror, it's Harry's job to bring in criminals like Fenrir Greyback. He doesn't let his personal life affect in his work. But when his work becomes uncomfortably involved in his personal life, Harry has to face his own fears before they consume him.
Author's Notes: Important note: this fiction contains R rated, noncon Gilderoy/Harry where Harry is only 12 years old. In regards to Fenrir Greyback, it also strongly implies the torture and murder of children. It is, I hope, delicately covered, but will no doubt squick some readers. Please consider this content before you read.


Also, here is my gift from Leni_Jess. It's a lovely little Snarry with the tiniest hint of dubcon and furious bad tempered Harry. I do so love it when he can't keep his mouth shut. Some gorgeous Kingsley bits, and of course Auror!Harry. Enjoy.


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Title: Polyjuice, polyjuice, polyjuice
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Hermione
Fest: Erotic Elves - The HP Random Kink Challenge - Het Edition
Prompt: Sex doll
Warnings: Threesome, het, graphic slash, polyjuice, prositution, alternate universe (Harry and Hermione are a couple), consensual adultery, abuse of innocent furniture
Summary: Harry and Hermione's relationship is lacking excitement.
A/N: For Inell, because she put me up to it.

Warnings: Threesome, graphic slash, polyjuice, prositution, alternate universe (Harry and Hermione are a couple), consensual adultery, abuse of innocent furniture )
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I just rewrote all my fic plans for this coming two months. Fuck and bugger it, is all I can say, considering my darkfest fic is being an utter bitch and currently being completely recycled into something different that defies linear motion, and my snarry games is still in the 'sketch' category. I have six samples to make, and less than a fortnight to make them, and an HD Elves ficlet that is at least only a ficlet, before I can go 'exhale, October is all set'. Considering I also have a costume to make for London just before my birthday. Or two costumes. I bought this gorgeous pink and purple fabric to make a proper fairy costume out of. It's amazing. The cloak I'm making for Vincent Valentine, amongst the other bits and pieces I'm dabbling with, will transform awesomely into a proper Auror robe for an 'Auror Harry' costume I'm planning. Which should be...interesting.

That said, I missed my sister's birthday yesterday, which makes me a bum officially. We made it up to her today. Mmm. Chinese. I promise a creative blurt on Saturday though, to make up for whining about RL, so watch this space. Now Mock the Week is on, so I go.
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Just a small hint here; just a tiny hint. Do not attempt to write darkfest fic while visiting friends. You do not save time, because you spend the whole day looking over your shoulder going 'Oh dear, I've got the words 'naked' 'breasts' 'bodice' and 'underwear' all on the same page'. You write one line; a lousy line, and come home to no greater wordcount, and feeling pretty exhausted from fighting them off all day. Maybe it would have been easier to just doodle Harry instead. Blah.

I did, however, write all of my 4500 words so far this morning, before leaving. Having written a substantial amount more than that for my Snarry Holidays piece, which is absolutely gorgeous, so far as I'm concerned, and being betaed by a fabulous friend of mine, and just with one exploratory sex scene to write before it's completed, I considered it time to get started on my next deadline; again well in advance. My Darkfest entry is pretty open ended, I think, so I can write it as long as I'm comfortable doing so with my deadlines as they are.

Here's my list so far:
Art - Snarry Games - 6th October - prompts 100% preliminary sketches 40% Final piece 5%
Fic - Snarry Holidays - 10th October - prompts 100% written 95% betaed 95%
Fic - Darkfest - 17th October - prompts 50/50 written 5% for generosity's sake, since I haven't even got to the dark bit yet, no beta yet, but I think I can ask [ profile] featherxquill  for this one, as there is some considerable het involved. Oh yes. Het. Holy mother of mercy... I tell you what, though, it would be nice to establish a proper plot underneath the hazy following of the prompt. In this kind of circumstance I tend to write and let the plot come to me, and there seems to be the ghost of one on the horizon, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Fic - HD Holidays - 8th November - prompts 50/50 written 0% betaed 0%
Fic - Snapely holidays - 14th November - prompts N/A written 0% betaed 0%
Fic - HP Yule Balls - 15th November - prompts 0% written 0% betaed 0% - This was the second set of prompts I got back, but the selection is a rather bland one; I'm sure I'll be able to write something really lovely for it, but it just hasn't reached out and bitten me in the arse yet.
Fic - Harry Holidays - 27th November - prompts 0% written 0% betaed 0% looked like a bigger list on my whiteboard, lol. Whatsoever though, I'm really enjoying what I've done so far, and thoroughly enjoying writing after such a dry stint, so I guess that's good. The addition of a laptop to the mix makes writing for fests 200% easier because I can do it in bed where I get better productivity. It's the last day of August tomorrow, so I'm giving myself as long as the end of September to finish Darkfest and HD holidays to stay on track. It's a pretty long time unless I have muse problems. That gives me all of October to write Snapely Holidays and Yule Balls, and most of November to write Harry Holidays. Plenty of time. It might generate enough muse to actually progress with some of my old fanfic, where people have been waiting for a continuation for something going on one and a half years now. Oops.


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