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Oh, speaking of dying. Today's migraine brought to you by the letters O and W. My head has only hurt this much once before, and that was Boxing Day, when I stayed up stupidly late to watch Heath Ledger in Casanova and thought my brain was actually going to melt out my ear. The only reason I got through Robin Hood was because I had a huge cold cloth on my head and water dripping down my back. Ow.


Sep. 27th, 2008 01:18 am
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I believe that I may have finished my darkfest fic.


This means that I am one sex scene, Snarry Games art and an elves ficlet off finishing October deadlines, which isn't so bad. It gives me all of October for my other four projects, and I might even be able to take a shot at NaNo this year if there is time, but I fail at NaNoWriMo. Still, I think it's about bloody time I wrote something original, so it's worth a shot. But until then, I have Road Aheading to do. After tomorrow life should gradually tip back into the 'normal' scale, not including catching up on sleep. I am seriously sapped.

So, because I know journal entries are ever so dull, I will add a clipping of my Google docs. Not betaed, but quite slaved over and probably not superb because I'm by no means a Whoovian, but I do try. It's part of a much longer unfinished thirteen part story arc I planned but didn't write. This would have been the first chapters of the first story, to put it in perspective. Er...but there are some bits I like of it. So I share. Do I continue?


Title: Time Lords and Consequences, Fandom: Doctor Who, Author: Regasssa, Rating: G Pairing: N/A, Summary: An experiment in writing something that isn't Harry Potter. God help me. )


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