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Note to self: When you have finished paying for your new pony, please consider buying LJ time so that you have more room for pretty icons and can remove spelling mistakes from your comments, kthnx. Deleting icons to make room for all the 'pretty' and 'awesome' as well as having room for multiple fandoms is not panning out so well for you right now. Sincerely, self.

Note to everyone else: I have gorgeous new icons and I totally didn't spend all of the last four hours looking through icon communities to find them, nope


Death Note

Mar. 12th, 2009 11:08 pm
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The Death Note live action movie is on FilmFour straight after Dexter tonight. If anyone loved me, they would watch it and then write me an L/Light darkfic. The second movie is on FilmFour tomorrow night. I've seen both, but I'm treating myself to watching them on our new 42" TV. *rubs hands together*

I've been watching Bleach while I work. I'm now up to episode 140, which means I have about 70 left to watch to catch up. I'll be cosplaying Ishida Uryuu at May Expo this year, so I'm looking forward to finishing work so I  can get on with some fun stuff. *sigh* We have deadlines out the wazoo at the moment, but it also means that things are going well for us, and I have to be pleased about that. Yay.

I also have new wonderful things to show you, but I don't want to jinx it in case something unexpected happens. All I can say is PONY.

That is all.


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