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I tried this earlier, but it was probably too early.

If anyone wants a handmade holiday card from me, you need to post here or send me an email. Comments are screened. If you'd like to send me one back, I'll comment with my address, too.

Please, when you write your request, tell me the pairing you like best - any fandom - and I'll personalise the card for you.

And if you don't celebrate Christmas, tell me the greeting to write on your card?

I really only have the next fortnight to make these, since it's almost December, so comment quick!
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I will be reposting this at the end of October and half way through November, after some of my fic exchanges go out, in the mean time, here is your chance to get onto my mailing list for cards.

This year, I'll be making a variety of cards, and I need a little input from each of you when you sign up. Comments will be screened, and if you want to send me a return card, please either link me to your card post or mention it, and I'll reply to the comment.


Preferred pairings (Max of 3)
Fanfiction or fanart archive or both (optional)

That's it! If you're moving or out of town for the holidays or something, please add a date and I'll try and make your card a priority. Also, if you don't celebrate Christmas, please let me know! I don't want you to miss out on the papercraft love!
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First of all!

If you would like an XMas card from me, please send an e-mail to regasssa [-at-] hotmail [dotteth] com with your address and a pairing of your choice. You'll all be getting handwritten drabble inserts this year, since I'm starting early, and I'll send them off come December.

Now for an F1 Rant - warning SPOILERS for the Spa race, plus one slightly irate racing fan )
In other news, expect poor availability over the next week. I should be here until Tuesday night, but Wednesday-Sunday I'm going to be at a craft show, and completely knackered by the time I get home. I'll try and get some posting in over the next couple of days though to catch up, and maybe do some more writing. Once this is over, I'm going to be completely free again though, so yay for that, and my next job will be shopping for Christmas pressies before the Ebay rush.


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