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Title: Keep on Spinning
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Pairing: Hichigo/Ishida, Ichigo/Ishida
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~5600
Warnings: Non-con, oral sex, masturbation, spoilers for the Lust arc
Notes: Could be any time after the battle in Hueco Mundo, so assume the boys are over 18. I LOVE YOU! Enjoy this fic! I slaved over it T-T I've missed something out, I think...I'll catch it in a minute. Edit: Oh yeah!

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OMFGYOUGUYS. If you haven't seen this series, or you've picked up the beginning of it and gone "Oh hell, this is totally not something I can get into" like I did (hahah, but I kept watching because I am bored stiff cool like that), then for heaven's sake go and watch it. And I mean stick out all of the tomfoolery at the beginning, because the set up is half of what makes the rest of the series so poignant and beautiful. Shit. I can't say more without spoilering, and if you have watched it, you'll understand all of my glee much better than I can ever explain it. God.


Spoilers under the cut (for Bleach and for TTGL, and actually, for Weiss Kreuz: Gluhen too.)

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I have - this afternoon - finished the two apps I've been working on. I'm pretty sure role playing samples shouldn't be between 1-1.5k, though... But even though I've gone over it several times, I cannot whittle it down. I just don't think that the character is convincingly enough them if I start trimming bits out, especially given the prompt. Does that mean I don't have the characters down well enough, or that I'm trying too hard? I think I really want to play this game, for sure; that might be all there is to it.

Anyway, I will beta them properly before I send them, and catch up on my tags. Hum!

MY INTERNET BROKE FOR LIKE 3 HOURS EARLIER. It destroyed my evening, seriously. I had to go do housework instead. Now I'm sulking.

What else~ Er...the weather is truly horrible, and has been for the last four days. There is wind and rain pounding at my windows again, and you can get tired of the weather being like this. *sigh*

Ooh. Shiny episode of shiny. Maybe I'll watch it now.

That reminds me; I finally watched Diamond Dust Rebellion the other day because I realised when I started rping Toushirou with SeeMe that I didn't understand much about his character at all. Now I have absolutely no idea what is real and what isn't, and it's bothering me. Does DDR count as canon? A lot of the content actually disturbed me, because I remembered some of the terrible things Central 46 has decreed etc. Of that, what happened in the film is probably the worst thing, and that really, really bothers me. That they don't listen. That they judge without evidence, or don't want to see the evidence. Guilty until proven innocent, and nothing but tools to be used. And they picked on Hitsugaya, which is unforgiveable. *sniffle*

So...what? Disregard? Or is it as canon as Isshin's 'Good Morning Ichigo!' pleasedon'tletitbeIwouldcry


Jun. 9th, 2009 02:10 am
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I have now been awake 33 hours straight.




Jun. 5th, 2009 01:27 pm
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Tetsuya Kakihara might just be my new favourite VA ever. I have heard him in nothing else, and his voice...guh. I think it's probably at least 70% of why I've fallen in love with Ggio Vega. New episodes are love.

Am I the only one who thinks his voice is incredibly sexy? I went to look for more of his stuff, but he's only three years older than me, and seems to just be getting started. Hopefully that means there will be much more to enjoy =D

*does not sound stalkerish or weird AT ALL*

Might finally get around to my diary entry today, since all our photos are now up.

Me again.

May. 18th, 2009 12:55 am
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A few updates to keep you going:

Here are the pictures I was asked for with my new booby-squeezer. You can see my booby-mole! Ooh! So intimate! No, it is. Nobody but me has seen that mole, it is literally 2cm away from my nipple. That's how close it comes. O.O I am wearing my Trunks wig here, because my hair is in a state of near-death. I'll be dying and cutting it probably tomorrow night or the day after! Ishida hair!

I have no idea why it uploaded this one sidewards... )

Also, here is my desktop. I made it yesterday when I was procrastinating, and thought I'd show it off. It's really dull because I just got this computer.

Desktop cut )

Finally, I will share this with you:

"Whatever it was that was there -- he needed to see it; to find out what it was. It was a dominating hunger -- a vociferous, all consuming desire that threatened to overwhelm him if he didn't pursue it. That thing on the edge of his vision pressed against his consciousness eagerly, urging him to try again -- again and again and again. It promised that it would reveal itself when the conditions were right. Ishida longed for it -- like a drug -- desperate to feel the thrill shoot through his veins as his skin burned against Ichigo's and he fell into that topsy turvy reality for just a few stolen moments."

I spoil you.


May. 16th, 2009 10:43 pm
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I made a new icon. I spent today...I don't know what I spent today doing. I napped on my horse, and went looking for pretty pictures and didn't watch Primevil because I hate those bloody 'freaky monsters from the future' episodes. *irritated* And I have done nothing. Doodled Renji and Byakuya? Blah. Blah is four letters of Bleach. Oh yeah, random now. I will achieve something in the next three hours. I will.
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Seriously, Renji. I fucking hate you tonight. *stab stab stab*

I literally COULD NOT do anything else except draw this, simply because my muse refused to write fanfic or work. And I'm annoyed about it because I needed to get some work done tonight.

BAD RENJI. How dare you go ahead and be all pretty in my head, and make me draw guns?! Shit.

Okay - enough cursing, here is the art:

Renji under the cut, being all sexy. )

Ryokoful, I am completely blaming you for this. Kay?

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Title: Reflections
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Requestee: [ profile] traitorousrat 
Pairing: Szayel/Yylfordt (implied Grimmjow/Szayel)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Tentacles, non/dub-con, bondage, penetration (in more ways than one), misuse of the Lord's Prayer (I am fully accountable for this one), swearing, violence.
Prompt: genes
Summary: Szayel wants to teach Yylfordt a few things, and perhaps punish him for his betrayal

From the same one life; my heart sleeps beside your own, reflecting your glow. )

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And so to you I bring Catspada Page 3. Do I really need to tell you all how much I ADORE Ulqui-kitty?


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First off, for my darling [personal profile] miss_bowtruckle 

George/Hermione lovedoodle )

For all my new friends, and maybe some older ones:

My Bleach tag is practically what I'm living on right now, but you can find all my fic by clicking on 'fic' and all my art by clicking on 'art.
You can also find my art here.
This is my extremely talented sister.
And this is my previous if outdated introduction post.
This is my much more outdated kinks post in which I reveal myself to be a slightly crazy person.
These are photos of me as Ishida.
And photos of me riding my horse.

In a few days time, I'll need some new prompts and pairings to add to my list of things-to-write-or-draw-when-not-on-the-internets. Since I'm about to run out. I can't promise whether the fic will be  400 words long or 10000 words long, or whether the art will be sketched or coloured, or take ten minutes or ten hours. I can't even promise you'll get it in the next six months, because my muse is very fickle sometimes. But there will be something for everyone.

Oh-kay. Post is over for tonight. Tomorrow I need to seriously find out how the hell these ants are getting in.

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Written with the H/C Ishida Challenge in mind, only I didn't take any prompts because fuck, I just needed to write something to clear my head out a bit.

Title: The Soft Centre of Kurosaki Ichigo
Author: [ profile] regasssa 
Pairing: Ichigo/Ishida (implied Szayel/Ishida)
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1064
Warnings: Language and implied violence
Summary: Uryuu discovers what's really soft about Kurosaki Ichigo.
A/N: I just started writing words which came into my head last night because I was feeling particularly undone. This isn't really fic, therefore, it's more a train of thought, or words strung together, in a way that resembles fic but was really intended as a way to let off the pressure building in my head. If it's also read and enjoyed by other people then dayum, that just makes me happy. Maybe crossposted, but we'll see.

And with my warm lips -- as winter cold hearts shatter -- I welcome you home. )

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Oh. Hey. What? This isn't my pairing. *grin* Good for you, ne?

Thanks to a suggestion made on my last art post, here is the promotion pic I promised.

Hisagi/Kira - Comfort in the Strangest Places )

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I am dead. President Obama's speech officially killed me. I don't know what to do with the rest of my day now. Just...blink blink.

So I will ask, since a lot of you seem to be involved in RPs. Here is what I've established from looking through Bleach RPs and deciding they aren't for me:

RP stuffs:

Explanations of what I am looking for under the cut )

So if you have any ideas, tell me! I'm looking for a community, or several, which fit this kind of specification. Something to fill in the long summer afternoons that have started crawling in on me. Please help me? If there is something you can think of, I need you to enthuse me about it. Tell me how active it is, how nice the other players are, how much fun you're having. Tell me about the current storyline arc and tell me what characters you'd love to see and tell me how much you want me to be there. Because I am seriously clutching at straws now. I didn't know it was so hard to find.


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