Oct. 6th, 2008 06:14 pm
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Con updates!

Eee! I'll be going to the MCM Expo in London on the 25th-26th, so if anyone wants to meet up, think the week before. I'll be cosplaying Vincent Valentine and a fairy, thus the wings, which are so far looking absolutely awesome, although I expect I'll freeze to death.

The 27th is my birthday, which I'm looking forward to (so long as aforementioned freezing to death hasn't occured), and then um...I'll be killing myself to get my other fics done in time for their deadlines, I think. Unless I get this stuff done before that time, though, I won't be ready for NaNo, which I'd really like to write this year because I have an idea plagueing me.

And then Christmas. Is it that time already? I have gifts to buy and pack and cards to make and send. It's going to be hectic.

But it will be rewarded with Azkatraz. I have flights to plan, and I have to see what plans I need to work into my own. I've never flown, and I've never been to the US, so I'm actually terrified, and I know what it's like when you get to cons, but it's actually rather frightening! Also, I have no idea about hotels. I'd like to room with people I know, by preference, but, heh, I don't know many people, and even less who are going. *fear* I haven't signed up yet. I just signed up. And paid. Holy hell.

Flame, you mentioned going from Heathrow, do you have any definite plans yet? Does anyone else have plans? Plans in the making? Is anyone going to Comic-Con too?
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So I'm substantially into my Snarry holidays fic now. Probably around a third of the way through. After two days. I'm really enjoying the characterisation, and Road Ahead's helped a lot with that. I think it's helped build me a lot as an author, and make my characters parts of the whole without necessarily making everything that happens a plotpoint. It's a different kind of writing, really, but I think I might get used to it. I just hope it's enjoyed by those who read it in oh...two and a half months.

I had a bit of a lousy morning, but I'm not going into that; my previous few entries have been a bit emo, which brings me to...

Azkatraz. Things are looking pretty damn positive towards me going; which would be the most awesome thing ever. Money should be coming in soon, and by the time that happens, booking might be open. It's going to cost around $700 return, it seems, but I'll be keeping an eye out for a good deal. If I'm flying out from Heathrow, I hope to spend a few days in London, maybe see a show. But Azkatraz! I've never been to a Wrock concert, for a start, and even though it's going to be weird because I'll know so few of you atlanticly challenged fandomers, it should be a great place to meet new people, and see old people I never thought I'd see again after Sectus.

Also, I will need to learn to fly. I've never flown if anyone is flying out to SF from London and wants fandom company on the plane, that would be awesome. It would put me at ease to go through it with someone else who hadn't done it before/an old hand. Still, that's a while off.


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