Mar. 20th, 2009 03:02 am
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Hello everyone.

It's Spring! That means several things - it means that we are in the midst of clearing up in such a way as to make more than three windows in the whole building capable of opening, only it also meant doing it before my Gran gets home, since she's been over in the UK promoting a new product. So...I haven't been here, and I apologise profusely.

It also means fixing my timetable. I know - I'm doing lousy staying up till 3am and saying that... I want to be on daylight hours so that I can spend more time in the daylight doing things that are only possible in daylight or outside, like putting up brand new fences, painting stuff, working with toxic silicon stuff...you know.

As a result, I'm behind on my tags on Road Ahead and I've been a complete failure fic wise. I've been working way too hard, I say, as well as tidying up.

In other news, though, I have finished watching Bleach and read all the way up to the latest chapter in the manga. Which means I have nothing to do when I go back to working solidly again tomorrow, except type. So I will.

But omfgulquiorraichigo.

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Boxing Day I come down with a headache. Hello, says I, it's almost my time of the month. Fanbloodytastic. The headache predictably gets worse, I sleep on the sofa in the warmth to try and get rid of my migraine, and wake up feeling slightly better Christmas morning. Slightly better. But by Christmas Dinner, period pain's set in, and by the time Casanova comes on telly, I'm in blinding agony. I decided to risk the bedroom, since the cold might soothe the migraine, but then at around three am, and with my migraine no better, the wind blows the bedroom windows wide open, and I have to crawl out of bed in the freezing gale and close it. Bah!

So, this morning the migraine's finally gone, and I feel almost human again. How can one day cause such a mess in the house, anyway?


Anyway, in the deadspace between the waking up and Christmas dinner, there was present giving. I gave many wonderful presents this year. My dad had The Mighty Book of Boosh, which he hasn't looked at because of the PS3, my mum got the Dexter Omnibus, which I've wanted to buy her since we saw the first series on ITV last year, my sister got The Dark Knight on DVD, which we watched today and it was as awesome as I remember it from the cinema. Guh. It was amusing watching that after Casanova; the transformation in Heath Ledger between the two movies showed just how adaptive and immersive an actor he was. My little brother's the most chuffed. He got Little Big Planet, which he's been begging for since he saw it, and the smile that spread across his face at the sight of the PS3 was wonderful. :D

And I? I got a whole new riding kit, new jods, a shiny red new helmet, a luminescent jacket, a pair of new winter paddock boots and chaps. Then there was a ladies' electric razor, a CD player/stereo, a Death Note watch which needs adjusting for my stick wrists,  a sewing kit, a PS2 game called Dirge of Cerberus, and a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. The last of which...well, it has its goods and bads. The good is that I have inspiration for a Dramione. *bounces*

So there's Christmas.  Hopefully I'll get some stuff done now. Hah. >.<


Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:45 pm
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I am not here at the moment. Tomorrow is Christmas wrapping day, but I think it will be girlie agony day, too, so it's going to be horrendous, and I'll try and vaguely be here and chairbound. Then the day after that is Christmas Eve, which means preparation of food and making sure the last few things are wrapped. x.x I'm already feeling the exhaustion creeping in. I hope I get some Internet time, but if not, you can expect me on Boxing Day, after I've collapsed, washed up, thrown ridiculous piles of paper into the recycling bins and collapsed again.

In other news, it's so cold here, it's like time trials trying to get in and out of bed in the shortest time. I think I'm going to resort to pyjamas and changing in front of the fire downstairs. That way I can just somersault out of bed and run to the warmth. Log fires win.

Cold. Brr.


Oct. 15th, 2008 02:02 am
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I have four days until I have to pack and get some sleep. I also have to work in the same four days, as well as finish a whole pile of personal stuff, and rewrite a good portion and the ending of my Darkfest fic - due 17th. I have not posted on Road Ahead in way too long, and I really apologise for that. I don't want to lose my guys and girls, so they're going to get posts to keep them busy while I'm out of the country, and to proove that I'm still alive!

My to do list is frightening me.

When I get back, I'll have a week to write the second half of my HD Holidays fic, AND get it betaed, and another week on top to finish two other fest fics that I haven't even started thinking about yet.

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I am now back. I feel like I've not actually had any sleep, even though I've had seven-nine hours every night. Just worked off my feet, and now completely exhausted. It gets worse -- tomorrow I'm babysitting three of our friends' kids, which is going to be difficult. It's an overnight jobby, with the full next day, so it's going to be...gah. Yeah. Hopefully I'll get home early enough to watch Lost in Austen.

I am so, so ridiculously tired. I started writing my Darkfic again today, and there's a bit in it where I'm trying to express how a character's dealing with their own exhaustion, only I'm too tired to string a sentence together.

So I hereby give up. I will try again tomorrow instead.


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