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Seriously, Renji. I fucking hate you tonight. *stab stab stab*

I literally COULD NOT do anything else except draw this, simply because my muse refused to write fanfic or work. And I'm annoyed about it because I needed to get some work done tonight.

BAD RENJI. How dare you go ahead and be all pretty in my head, and make me draw guns?! Shit.

Okay - enough cursing, here is the art:

Renji under the cut, being all sexy. )

Ryokoful, I am completely blaming you for this. Kay?

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And so to you I bring Catspada Page 3. Do I really need to tell you all how much I ADORE Ulqui-kitty?


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First off, for my darling [personal profile] miss_bowtruckle 

George/Hermione lovedoodle )

For all my new friends, and maybe some older ones:

My Bleach tag is practically what I'm living on right now, but you can find all my fic by clicking on 'fic' and all my art by clicking on 'art.
You can also find my art here.
This is my extremely talented sister.
And this is my previous if outdated introduction post.
This is my much more outdated kinks post in which I reveal myself to be a slightly crazy person.
These are photos of me as Ishida.
And photos of me riding my horse.

In a few days time, I'll need some new prompts and pairings to add to my list of things-to-write-or-draw-when-not-on-the-internets. Since I'm about to run out. I can't promise whether the fic will be  400 words long or 10000 words long, or whether the art will be sketched or coloured, or take ten minutes or ten hours. I can't even promise you'll get it in the next six months, because my muse is very fickle sometimes. But there will be something for everyone.

Oh-kay. Post is over for tonight. Tomorrow I need to seriously find out how the hell these ants are getting in.

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Oh. Hey. What? This isn't my pairing. *grin* Good for you, ne?

Thanks to a suggestion made on my last art post, here is the promotion pic I promised.

Hisagi/Kira - Comfort in the Strangest Places )

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Because I haven't done anything useful tonight at all I thought I'd post up my reference pictures from my Catspada comic. All ten cats, just as I first drew them. (Clue, they're in numerical order from left to right)

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So I didn't write today (or I haven't written anything yet - although realistically having spent three hours colouring this I really ought to be doing some work, yes, I know it's sunday)

Here is page 2 of Catspada, with the most adorable and grouchy Szayel-kitty and his pretty Quincy master. :D

Remember to read it left to right (I know, I'm used to reading the other way too)

Link to Deviantart
Or look under the cut )

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This was drawn by my sister Nekoni in trade for tea I so haven't got her yet. >.> Hai, Aizen-sama!

For other people, Matsumoto and Grimmjow gotintoafight made a mess while they were cooking dinner, and Hitsugaya ordered them to clean it up. But poor Grimmy doesn't like water that much. This is the result.

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For your viewing pleasure:

Catspada - Cover

Catspada - Page 1 - Aaroniero Aarunerie

Coming soon - Page 2 - Szayel Aporro Granz


Apr. 17th, 2009 02:58 am
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My attempt at pure crack. I don't get to draw nearly as often as I'd like, but while chatting to my sister I doodled an Ulquiorra kitty, and then there were three of them, and then I was sitting there researching cats and turning it into 10. There is all kind of torture involved for the characters, mostly Ulquiorra kitty and Ishida, although Ichigo and Grimmjow won't come off so well out of it either. Don't expect a steady stream of it, at least. They're there for when I can't draw people, and my writer's block has eaten me.

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Originally posted for The Snarry Games - PG - Snape/Harry

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