May. 18th, 2009

Me again.

May. 18th, 2009 12:55 am
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A few updates to keep you going:

Here are the pictures I was asked for with my new booby-squeezer. You can see my booby-mole! Ooh! So intimate! No, it is. Nobody but me has seen that mole, it is literally 2cm away from my nipple. That's how close it comes. O.O I am wearing my Trunks wig here, because my hair is in a state of near-death. I'll be dying and cutting it probably tomorrow night or the day after! Ishida hair!

I have no idea why it uploaded this one sidewards... )

Also, here is my desktop. I made it yesterday when I was procrastinating, and thought I'd show it off. It's really dull because I just got this computer.

Desktop cut )

Finally, I will share this with you:

"Whatever it was that was there -- he needed to see it; to find out what it was. It was a dominating hunger -- a vociferous, all consuming desire that threatened to overwhelm him if he didn't pursue it. That thing on the edge of his vision pressed against his consciousness eagerly, urging him to try again -- again and again and again. It promised that it would reveal itself when the conditions were right. Ishida longed for it -- like a drug -- desperate to feel the thrill shoot through his veins as his skin burned against Ichigo's and he fell into that topsy turvy reality for just a few stolen moments."

I spoil you.


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