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Apr. 9th, 2009 01:09 pm
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13000 words in a fandom that I've never written in before. Well. Damn. I'm going at a right old speed, considering that more bunnies are assailing me all the time, but mostly because when I get this done, I have a Hermione Big Bang fic to get into gear on. There's plenty of time, but it's odd how that can disappear on you.

Bleach fandom seems to be opening like a spring flower. I'm very tentatively prodding at the edges of it, teasing it apart, discovering new things both about myself and about the fandom. It's interesting to learn new things about yourself after so long settled into the same routine. Discovering a new fandom is one of those things that gives you the spark to explore a little more, to push at the edges of your box and see what else there is to see, and I reckon in HP fandom I didn't push as much as I could have.

Oh sure, I went from a stalwart boylove fan to a writer of slash and het - heck, I'm just about to write a 20k+ Hermione/Draco fic, that stuff just doesn't happen. But new fandom. Wow. New characters to explore, to think about. Does Byakuya have any similarities to Draco - what is it with Ishida's pride and Ichigo's hero complex. Is Urahara Dumbledore? Harhar. Okay, that's funny.

What I guess I mean is that - new year, new fandom, new look at life. I go outside and go 'Ooh, spring blossoms!' and then I go 'Ooh, Byakuya/Renji...'

What I think I've learnt is that I ought to be pushing a bit more - not just with Bleach, but maybe also with HP too. There's stuff I don't look at any more - I don't ever think that I have enough time. I seriously need to get over that, to make more time. Even if it means giving up my online horse game (which takes about two hours out of every day). Two hours out of every day is 14 hours a week. It is a lot of time to be turning into nothing.

This random rambling, however, is only brought to you because I know that I have an hour and a half to turn the kitchen into a reasonable place to prepare food before my mother gets back. Everyone being sick at the same time does not have very productive effects on the tidyness of the house, and everything's been backed up. *sigh* Oh well.
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Yesterday my mare destroyed the gate and escaped into the garden. Today she did it again. The trouble is there are JCBs at the top of the drive digging holes in the road, and a combination of frightened and bored and having destroyed it once already meant that she had another go today. I'm bracing myself for spending the rest of the afternoon fixing it solid so she can't get out, but honestly...it's so frustrating.
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Soraya and I had our first proper -out- ride in a long time. We cantered after some bicycles, were scared of a bunch of cows and got a stone wedged in the left hind until I yanked it back out again. Oh, and talked to some of the neighbours, which I haven't done in six years of being here.

I brought her home and she was wet - considering we only went about 8k, it was a bit much. She is extremely out of shape, but I am a lot more confident about taking her out now - she's been behaving so badly recently that I've been worrying myself about it, which is stupid.

Of course getting her over the motorway? I don't think it's going to happen any time soon, and that's really sad because the best forest-walks for miles are over there. She dealt with all of one lorry while we were out and treated it like a monster that wanted to eat her, and as we walked over the brow of the hill she watched the motorway the whole time and gave me a warning snort.

So of course she had a big roll the moment I let her go, and as I was expecting it, I took a bunch of pictures that are under the cut:

Three tiny pictures )


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