Mar. 20th, 2009


Mar. 20th, 2009 03:02 am
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Hello everyone.

It's Spring! That means several things - it means that we are in the midst of clearing up in such a way as to make more than three windows in the whole building capable of opening, only it also meant doing it before my Gran gets home, since she's been over in the UK promoting a new product. So...I haven't been here, and I apologise profusely.

It also means fixing my timetable. I know - I'm doing lousy staying up till 3am and saying that... I want to be on daylight hours so that I can spend more time in the daylight doing things that are only possible in daylight or outside, like putting up brand new fences, painting stuff, working with toxic silicon know.

As a result, I'm behind on my tags on Road Ahead and I've been a complete failure fic wise. I've been working way too hard, I say, as well as tidying up.

In other news, though, I have finished watching Bleach and read all the way up to the latest chapter in the manga. Which means I have nothing to do when I go back to working solidly again tomorrow, except type. So I will.

But omfgulquiorraichigo.


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