Jan. 4th, 2009

So cold

Jan. 4th, 2009 02:36 pm
regasssa: (dungeons)
Goddamnit, it is damned cold here. I can feel my fingers, but more in an achey, tingley kind of way. I have work to do, but it required finger movement which seems barely possible in these temperatures, and let's not forget the non-worky stuff I have to get done too, and actually, right now I'm procrastinating, which doesn't help at all.

All will be fixed when I have my new mini-laptop, and don't have to sit in the icebox to write things.

And does anyone have a cure for winter lethargy? I feel the need to stay in bed and never ever get out of it, and I'm waking up at almost two am every day now, which is just not possible. Apart from sleeping on the sofa downstairs in all my clothes, I can't work out what to do. You see it's just so snuggly warm in my coccoon that braving the sub-zero outside temperatures of my room just seems silly. And then I realise I only have two hours of daylight yet and a growing headache and well...you get the idea, right?

>.< I thought journal writing would warm up my hands, but now they just ache worse than ever.


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