Jan. 1st, 2009

Or not

Jan. 1st, 2009 09:10 pm
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Okay, so I'm not coming over this week. Turns out I'm actually getting some work done, and at the end of the week going over for a quick driving lesson, a haircut and to meet one of our partners. I'm going to be taking an automatic test; it lets me concentrate on the rules of the road primarily, and going in a straight line - I'll take the manual test if I ever need it, but since most of our cars are automatic, who knows. No idea when I'll get as far as the test though. Hoo.

A haircut will be bliss; I wanted to get it feathered short, but I don't think I'll get away with it for a "screentest". Still, it will be nice to get something done professionally; it's gotten back past my shoulders now, and I'm back to tying it in a pineapple while I sleep so it doesn't get all frizzy.

Oh, and I'll get my Samsung notebook computer, too. I can't wait for that, since it will mean mobility to do my writing, which I've longed for for such a long time. I hate having to go to a set place to write because I only have a desktop PC, and it stymies me a bit, I get distracted, I don't write as much as I'd like to write. On a laptop, I can turn out 5k in a single day, which is what I manage a week on my PC, and not even particularly feasible for getting my arse into gear in regards to writing which pays.

And then I have loads of other work to do. Blah.

But on top of that I have been given opaque permission to go to Azkatraz, which is just...wow. After Jonathan Creek, or tomorrow if my mum goes back to sleep, I'll be making my last minute bookings. The price tag comes out at £1686 so far, not including food and travel and surcharges; that's $2466, which is just insane, and I've been having a hard time justifying it to myself. Right in the middle of the hardest year ever, I want to do -what-?

So here are my plans, and I'd like to crash them past people, just in case anyone can help stab the butterfly in my stomach to death:
Fly out on the 15th to San Francisco, hotel in SF from 15th - checking out on 22nd. Go down on the bus to San Diego to ComicCon, hostel from 22nd and checking out on the 29th. Slightly more expensive flight from San Diego back to London on the 29th which means I don't have to stay overnight at the airport? Or would you suggest staying at the airport for eight hours on the 29th?

The earlier flight means changeovers at New York and Reckuvik, though, instead of just New York, and I've never flown before, and mostly I'm panicking about booking it and then not making it and being stranded in a country I don't know. It's really frightening. Of course, if anyone else is flying from San Diego to London...even if it's not on the 29th? okay - I know it's a longshot >.< Or from London to SF? And has tickets booked on a flight that's still open, or hasn't booked yet and means to in the next few days? Help!

Umso. I panic.

I will save you a rehash of all of last year's 'events'. There were not many, and of them, only May MCM expo is worth mentioning for being my introduction into a shiny new world of cosplay and prettifulness. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, got to meet lots of lovely new people (and some of them shirtless and very handsome), and decided that I still love anime. Oh. And I got into Deathnote. Can't help it. And I wrote -lots- of fest and exchange fic, something I swear I'll never do again...but let's see how long that lasts. Yay last year. Roll on the next one!


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